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Environmental Hero

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Legislative Advocate

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At the Klein home, 771 San Carlos Ave., El Granada


Dr. Arriaga speaks to the Club at a well-attended meeting

The Coastside Democratic Club was privileged to host Dr. Belinda Hernandez-Arriaga at the Klein home on February 9th.  Belinda shared with us her first-hand experiences from her visits to the Southern Border where she spent time with immigrants in the immigration detention centers.  She shared how the immigrants are not sneaking across the border illegally – they are attempting to gain asylum in our country legally.  She shared the conditions that they are subject to upon arrival, including children being separated from parents, being served still-frozen food, sleeping on concrete floors with only an aluminum “space blanket” for warmth and being put in fenced areas that immigrants nicknamed “vicious animal cages”.  It was very educational, emotional and sobering hearing these stories from a local person who has actually been there and seen the conditions first hand.

We thank Belinda for sharing with us and we commend her for the work that she is doing.

Dr. Belinda Hernandez-Arriaga has a doctorate in Education, is an Associate Professor at USCF and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with eighteen years experience working in community mental health, with a specialization in child trauma and Latino Mental Health.  Belinda is also the Founder and Chief Executive Director of Ayudando Latinos A Soñar (, a Latino cultural arts, education and social justice program dedicated to working with rural youth and families living on the coastside

Dr. Arriaga with host Rich Klein.


Please join candidate Kimberly Ellis and big wave surfer Bianca Valenti at Traveler surf shop for a great evening!

This event is not sponsored by the Club but we thought it would be of interest to our members!

Let’s help elect the best candidate for this pivotal position and break new ground for the next evolution of the California Democratic Party.

Thursday, March 7 at 6:30pm

Traveler surf shop: MAP
5450 Coast Hwy
Pacifica, CA 94044

Please click the event LINK to be added to the guest list! 

Contributions start at $50
Host Committee contributions are $250
-The host Committee will be recognized

California Democrats need a Chair who will set a positive and inspirational tone.

Kimberly’s Vision

Substance. Style. Solidarity. A 21st Century Democratic Party

Today’s California Democratic Party must do more… be more… mean more… in the lives of everyday voters. No longer can we simply be focused on winning elections; we have a responsibility to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity for progressive change that moves everyone forward together.

Substance: The California Democratic Party cannot merely stand for obtuse and broad social value statements. We have an obligation to take on substantive work addressing policy changes in Medicare-for-All, Prop 13 Reform, Affordable Housing and so much more.

Style: Style isn’t simply visual and verbal window dressing. It’s our approach in tone, delivery and aesthetic. If we don’t evolve to meet the times, be willing to meet people where they’re at, and make the CDP meaningful and yes, cool, our Party will become irrelevant.

Solidarity: For far too long, we on the Left have segregated ourselves by issue: Pro-Choice; the Environment; Black Lives Matter; LGBTQ+; Labor, etc. We label ourselves and others in a way that divides us, meanwhile the other side is united in philosophy. While having genuine respect for the rich diversity of identities that make up our Party, it’s time to rededicate ourselves to finding common ground and creating a new era of solidarity – understanding that we’re all in this together.

Kimberly’s Priorities

As Chair of the California Democratic Party, Kimberly Ellis has four specific priorities for the remaining two years of this term.

#1 — Culture Change
In order to claim the moral high ground, our campaign believes Democrats must have the courage to facilitate difficult conversations and tell hard truths. And the hard truth of the matter is that the California Democratic Party’s brand and reputation has been damaged due to the recent sexual abuse scandal involving the former Chair.

Most pressing for the CDP is to address – head on – the issue of toxic culture and managing the pending litigation and public relations challenges. The California Democratic Party is in shambles with respect to legal liability, a leadership vacuum, fundraising and public reputation. It’s critical that we address the toxic culture that created this situation and build an organization that is inclusive and safe for everyone.

#2 — Hold the Electoral Gains from 2018
While there were certainly incredible gains in the 2018 midterms, specifically in traditionally Republican congressional districts (and even a few legislative districts), California Democrats will not be able to retain these seats without tremendous investment by the CDP as it relates to infrastructure, as well as expanding coalition building with affinity groups like Indivisible, Our Revolution, Democracy for America, Swing Left, Sister District, Progressive Democrats of America, Imagine Action OC, and many others; partnerships that were critical in picking up these seats in 2018.

#3 — Prepare for the 2020 Presidential Primary
California’s new dominance on Super Tuesday has certainly changed the stakes for California Democrats. It’s critical that our State Party ensures a fair playing field for all contenders and sees to it that our Party remains whole after what is expected to be a hotly contested primary.

California Democrats also need a Chair who can leverage California’s new-found heft on the national political stage to steer policy conversations towards the values articulated in the CDP’s platform, such as Immigration Reform, or ones that hopefully will be, such as the Green New Deal and Public Banking.

#4 — Take Back the White House
California Democrats have additional work to do in maintaining our seats and expanding our representation at the local, state and federal levels. And while the work of the State Party should be focused on building the bench at the local levels, state races and ballot measures, California must also ensure that our resources and efforts are put to strategic use to take back the White House in 2020.

And finally, for those inquiring minds who wanna know: YES!, Kimberly is once again renewing her campaign pledge from 2017 to not take a dime from corporate PACs, including tobacco, oil or big pharma. And just like last time, she’ll also be listing all donors on her website.

The California Democratic Party is the largest, most powerful, most influential State Party in the country. At this critical time in American life, we deserve a 21st Century Chair who will set a positive and inspirational tone, create a culture of inclusivity, transparency and fairness and help to build a 21st Century Party that will serve as a model for our national politics. Kimberly Ellis is committed to being a Chair for everyone.

Movie Night is happening on April 5th


WHEN: Monday, February 18 at noon







WHERE: In front of Bank of America Financial Center, San Mateo, CA 94402

This protest is planned in response to President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency. Join in to protect the rule of law and our Constitution. On this Presidents Day holiday, stand to demand that our president respect the separation of powers.

Directions: 300 El Camino Corner of 3rd and El Camino in San Mateo

For more information go to


Membership Meeting with Belinda Arriaga February 9th

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