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Board Meeting Minutes, October 11, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 10:15 AM by President Bill Kehoe

Members Present: Bill Kehoe, Harvey Rarback, Dennis Paull, Doreen Gerrity, Kathryn Slater-Carter, Barbara Dye, Kathy Klein, Fran Pollard, Dan Haggerty.

Guest arrived 10:45: Sabrina Brennan


Open comments:

Slater-Carter reported on resignation of Nicole David from the Harbor District. She plans to apply for the position. Discussion followed.


Harvey Rarback: AFOG will have a meeting November 7 or 8, 3-5 pm. Community attendance is important.


Dennis Paull: Governor recently signed many bills, including the new motor voter bill. This may affect the need for voter registration efforts.


  1. Consent Agenda
  1. Approval of Agenda

Move addition of emergency item:  acceptance of Young’s resignation as Secretary; appointment of Dye as Secretary (Gerrity/Pollard; unanimous)

Move approval of amended agenda. (Rarback/Gerrity; unanimous)

  1. Approval of minutes from August 30, 2015 meeting (tabled)
  2. Approval of Treasurer’s report (attached)

Move approval of expenditures and acceptance of balance sheet. (Slater-Carter/Gerrity: unanimous)

  1. Payment to Ken Myers for Web Domain services ($124.91)

Move approval of payment to Ken Myers for web domain services and terminating his services to the Club, to be paid once final tasks are accomplished (Dye/Slater-Carter; unanimous)

  1. Regular Agenda
    1. Old Business
      1. Fall elections and gearing up for 2016
  • Discussion of political situation on the Coastside, search for new people to be involved in local politics.
  • Proposal to hold a workshop on local governing regulations (LCP, zoning, etc.) for potential candidates.
  • Comment that the Club cannot donate to candidates under current regulations.
  • We need committee to evaluate candidates, criteria for Club support, report to Board. Suggestion that responsibility be separated for local vs. statewide elections. Discussion of various pros and cons. Decision to discuss in detail at next meeting.
  • Candidate Caucuses: Paull to head Sanders, Dye for Hilary, Klein for O’Malley.
  1. Coordination with other SMC DCC Clubs

Kehoe has information on other clubs and organizations, which he thinks we should emphasize since many of them have excellent meetings. General discussion: there is value to getting to know the Central Committee members, etc. Additional information should be posted on the website/newsletter. One goal should be to appoint a local person to the Central Committee. We should coordinate with DFA. The goal is to have a more active membership. Suggestion of a public meeting (Max Dutra) regarding supporting candidates. Suggestion of holiday party (referred to Program Committee for report at next meeting)

  • Consider appointing a new Board member to fill Dana Kimsey’s seat (because of her resignation).

Move appointment of Sabrina Brennan to the Board to fill the remainder of Kimsey’s term (Slater-Carter/ Haggerty; unanimous)


  1. New Business


  1. 2016 Local Fall elections and candidate selections

See discussion above under old business. Item will be on the next agenda for further discussion and action.

Discussion of potential candidates for HMB City Council.

Harbor District will have four seats up. There’s a very short time-line on appointment of new board member, or the selection goes to the Board of Supervisors.

  1. Summary and feedback on General Meeting “About the Drought (9/20/15)

18 attended. Kellyx (RCD) was excellent as a speaker. Meeting was long. CCWD staff person also spoke.

To provide a good impression of the club, Board members should not argue with the President during the meeting. Interrupting with questions is not helpful to the flow of the meeting. Expectations should be set in advance, by including language on the agenda to set the expectations.

  • General Meeting on Climate Change (Nov 14 or 15?) Kathy

Gary White is available to speak. Program Committee to meet this week to plan.

  1. HMB Pumpkin Festival

Board members volunteered to help with voter registration at the Festival. Move to approve not to exceed $50 for support materials for the registration effort (Rarback/Gerrity)

  1. Committee Reports (as submitted)


  1. Finance – Kathryn Slater-Carter
  2. Membership – Dennis Paull
  3. Program – Kathy Klein
  4. Legislation – Harvey Rarback

Proposal to place Taxpayer Protection Provision on the ballot was approved by the County

Publicity & Media Committee – Barbara Dye

  1. Volunteers’ Activities – Doreen Gerrity

There is a need to establish policies for helping/promoting other groups in the area. Discussion of pros and cons of activities; deferred for further discussion at the next meeting.

  1. Voter Registration – Dan Haggerty

Help is needed at the Pumpkin Festival registration booth for both Sat. and Sun. 10/17 & 10/18. Shifts are from 9 to 11, 11 to 1, 1 to 3 and 3 to 5:00 pm.

  1. Lightning Round – All Upcoming items for future agenda or Club action

Move approval to send a letter to the Harbor District supporting a fair and open process for filling the vacant seat on its Board (Brennan/Slater-Carter; unanimous) is a site about government access. There is a translation button, and this was suggested for the Club page.

  1. Next Board meeting time and place

Proposal to set new time for Board meeting. Discussion of options, deferred to online survey.

  1. Adjourn at 12:15