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Board Meeting Minutes, June 20, 2015

Board Meeting Minutes Saturday, June 20, 2015 10:00 AM to 11:35

Location: Zaballa House Meeting Room 202 Half Moon Bay

The meeting was called to order at 10:10 AM by the new President Bill Kehoe

Members Present: Bill Kehoe, Harvey Rarback, Dennis Paull, Doreen Gerrity, Cid Young.

Due to the urgent need to send the SMC DCC our re-certification materials with only a 5 day notice,  and a Saturday meeting date instead of Sunday (Due to Father’s Day) low attendance was the result, so Cid moved that we suspend the need for a quorum. Dennis Seconded it. Discussion: Under the Bylaws, we could conduct the meeting without a quorum present, but any action taken could be objected to by a member. Motion to suspend was passed unanimously by all in attendance.


  1. Consent Agenda
    1. Approval of agenda
    2. Minutes from May 2015 meeting are missing
    3. Approval of Treasurer’s report is missing


Minutes and Treasurer’s report were missing. Approval of the Consent Agenda item a was passed unanimously


  1. Old Business


Cid suggested that in the future, when introducing public officials at a membership meeting or public event, that Honor and Respect Protocol indicates that the highest position in attendance be introduced first, not last.


  1. New Business
    1. Charter Club/Organizing Info due July 1, 2015
      1. Documents Received from SMC DCC

Bill commented that this info was just received and needed to be addressed by the deadline of July 1st.

  1. Rules and Objectives

Our club can appoint up to approximately 4 representatives (1 for every 20 members “in good standing” from CD to be on the SMC DCC Assembly District Committees. It only meets once to determine endorsement issues. It was suggested to reach out to those not in attendance for volunteers to this committee. Cid will contact the following possible appointees to see if there is any interest in serving: Dan Haggerty, Fran Pollard, April Vargas, Kathryn Slater-Carter, Kathy Klein & Barbara Dye. Dana Kimsey, Nicole David, and Sabrina Brennan.

  • Form info

Approved as presented

  1. Roster and missing information

Our club roster of 82 members needs to be tweaked because the SMC Central Committee needs it to be kept by official Registered Voters names. Bill Kehoe and Dennis Paull will refine the list accordingly before sending it off to the Central Committee by the July 1st Deadline.

  1. Cost

$82.00 was approved to be sent in to register $1.00 per club member in good standing. We will need to collect dues within 90 days from any members who have not renewed as of May 1st.


  1. The Peace Alliance/ Campaign for a U.S. Department of Peacebuilding

Request for a Motion to Endorse Legislation Request in Support of The Department of Peacebuilding Act of 2015 (DoP/ HR1111).  Modify the wording to clarify that it is the CD Board not the SMC Dems who support this legislation.


Motion for our cub to support and endorse HR1111 was made by Cid Young and seconded by Doreen Garrity. Motion approved unanimously.


  1. Should we support SMC Democracy for America talk on July 1? – Bill

SMCDFA’s speaker will be Helen Hutchison, President of the League of Women Voters of California. The title of her talk is: “Money in Politics: Loopholes, Tricks, and End Runs.”


Motion was made for our Club to both Co-sponsor via a $25.00 donation and to promote this event in our monthly Newsletter by Cid Young and Seconded by Dennis Paull. Motion was approved unanimously.


  1. HMB July 4th Parade

Will CD have a presence?


Discussion was that it had been a successful venue and opportunity for us in past years. There was a suggestion that we should consider having a booth, with the approval of Theron Kahlich, in front of his Gallery, as in the past. We will need volunteers and are looking to Dan Haggerty who has spearheaded it in the past, to Chair the event. Bill Kehoe will contact both Theron and Dan.  As for Voter Registration it was suggested we don’t collect a bounty from the Central Committee for Registering Voters. Board Members were reminded as well, that Coastside Dems recruitment and Voter Registration must be kept separate at the Main Street Event. An AFOG presence was mentioned to raise awareness, but there was no outcome.


  1. Monthly newsletter for June

Bill commented that our monthly Newsletter will need to go out soon and shall include the following topics:

  1. The May Membership meeting including our Speaker’s keynote topic, & State of the Club report plus our New Bylaws Revisions
  2. CD Resolution in support of AB700 (DISCLOSE ACT) – Nancy Neff
  3. The Peace Alliance/ Campaign for a U.S. Department of Peacebuilding
  4. SMC Democracy for America talk on July 1
  5. Updated Website and Facebook reminder


5.Committee Reports

Web Committee – Dennis/Bill

Membership Committee

Bill Kehoe mentioned that going forward our agenda will include committee reports by each Chair. Cid suggested that they be written reports to be e-mailed to the President prior to the Board Meetings so as to be disseminated along with the Agenda as attachments, thereby saving time during the meeting. She suggested that this will further the accountability of each Chairperson to present the deliverables each month. Bill said that the focus of our next meeting will be to organize committees and appoint volunteer Chairs.


  1. Open comments – all


Doreen thinks open comments should be at the beginning of the meeting. Doreen Moved to have Open Comments at the beginning of the meetings. Cid Seconded it. One Decline to Vote, one Not In Favor and three In Favors. The Majority carried the vote 3-1-1.  It was agreed, but comments will be limited by the President to 2-3 minutes each.


Dennis thinks there is a problem in the Club because some members tend to only be interested in very local political issues, while others wish to focus as grass roots movement being involved in other greater National or state issues. For instance a National-focus group might want to raise awareness about the TPP and the lack of transparency that envelopes the process and as proposed, its authority trumps what Congress might want. Cid agreed and suggested that there be two Committees formed, one that will bring State or National issues to the club members’ attention and another Committee that will be responsible for addressing Local Issues and to keep our club aware.


Cid suggested that for our next quarterly Membership Meeting (and the Public at Large) we have an event that would address the current drought. If this topic is chosen by the full Board at our next organizing meeting she will be willing to spear-head it, but only with the assistance of a Co-Chair.  It was agreed that the subject for topics for our next few Quarterly Meetings shall be an agenda item at our next Organizational Meeting.


  1. Next Board meeting time and place?

Our next Board meeting will be on SUNDAY, July 12th, at Seton in Moss Beach at 10:00AM


  1. Adjourn

Meeting was adjourned at 11:35 AM