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Board Meeting Minutes, July 12, 2015

Coastside Democrats Board Meeting

Date: Saturday, July 12, 2015 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

Location: Seton Coastside Hospital, Solarium Room, Moss Beach

Attendees: Board Members: Bill Kehoe, Doreen Gerrity, Barbara Dye, Kathy Klein, Harvey Rarback, Dennis, Paull, Dan Haggerty, Kathryn-Slater Carter and Cid Young Members of the Public: Sabrina Brennan

The Meeting was called to order at 10:08 AM by President Kehoe

  1. Public Comment
    1. President Kehoe stated that 2 – 3 minutes per speaker at the beginning of our Board meetings on topics not on the agenda will be permitted.
    2. Kathryn Slater-Carter mentioned that LAFCo will be reviewing the San Mateo County Harbor District and revisiting yet again if it should be dissolved as a Special District on Wednesday July 15th, 2015 at 1:30 PM in Redwood City. Letters or Emails in support of not dissolving the District need to be sent to by Sunday evening to be included in the packet.
    3. Dan Commented that Pillar Point Harbor is precious to the citizens of the Coastside and residents are concerned that we might lose our Harbor if taken over by San Mateo County. Kathryn Commented that LAFCo can’t unilaterally get rid of a Special District, they can only recommend.
    4. Harvey Commented that Supervisor Horsley had an article in the Daly Journal stating that perhaps Harbor Commissioners should not be Elected County Wide, but by District, or that the Board of Supervisors should be able to appoint them.
    5. Cid moved that the Coastside Democrats send a Letter to Martha Poyatos Stating our position against the dissolution of the San Mateo County Harbor District. Dan Seconded One abstention and eight in favor. Motion carried. President Kehoe will draft the letter.
  2. Consent Agenda
    1. Approval of agenda
    2. Approval of minutes from June 20, 2015 meeting
    3. Approval of Treasurer’s report

Consent Agenda was passed Unanimously

  1. Regular Agenda
    1. Club Organization`
      1. Regular Board meetings – bi-weekly or monthly?

Cid Moved that regular Board Meetings be monthly, providing that they could be called more often if deemed necessary. Kathy seconded.  Discussion: Committee meetings shall be held in between and Committee Chairs to provide reports in writing to the President for inclusion in the next Board Packet., thereby saving time during Board Meetings.  Motion Passed Unanimously.

  1. Setting Agendas – President to set the agenda at their own discretion.
  2. Board can request items. Any member, including Board Members, can request that an item be put on the agenda if done so a minimum of three days in advance.
  3. Each item needs a brief description with expected outcome
  4. Supporting materials for items due at least 72 hours in advance (Dan suggested Flexibility)
  5. 4. Agenda can be modified by a majority, including addition of emergency items to the agenda, as suggested by Barbara Dye.
  6. 5. Items can be deferred if non-urgent in nature, to keep meetings to 90 minutes.
  • One person, recognized by the President, speaks at one time
  1. General Membership Meetings – Quarterly? Dennis expressed that there is a need to involve more general members. Barbara suggested that we table this item until we appoint Committees. Kathy suggested Bi-Monthly General Membership meetings.
  2. Yearly Calendar/Budget/Events Cid suggested that we need to calendar the entire year early to secure location bookings and speakers well in advance. In the past we have not done this in a timely fashion and therefore we had to postpone our Annual meeting.

OFF AGENDA: Sabrina Brennan showed up at this point and President Kehoe allowed her to interrupt our agenda to present the Harbor Commission bullet points and recent accomplishments. Commissioners will no longer be getting Health Benefits after 2016. She asked for our support for the up-coming LAFCo hearing. See attached. Our Agenda was resumed after she finished her presentation.


  1. Committee Organization
    1. Define processes/rules for committees to follow Minutes and outcomes to be reported to the President in writing following all Committee meetings.
    2. Each Committee has a Chair Each Chair to recruit  at least two members for each Committee
      1. Selection of Chair, committee members
  • Each Committee has a written, well defined purpose with goals, objectives and timetable
    1. Discuss expected goals, deliverables, actions, etc. for each
    2. Define process/rules for committees to follow
  1. List of committees stated in our Bylaws:
    1. Membership – responsible for supporting the membership
    2. Program – responsible for planning Membership meetings and activities
    3. Legislation – responsible for informing the membership about relevant political matters
    4. Publicity – responsible for informing the public and membership about Club activities
    5. Finance – responsible to produce and monitor a yearly Club budget.
    6. Others: Nominating CommitteeTellers Committee (Someone suggested Ric Lohman to Chair theses however he was not in attendance and has not had an opportunity to consent))
  2. Other committees: Media Committee (web, face book, twitter, newsletter), Voter Registration, Volunteer Activities for club, Young Democrats, …
  3. The following people Volunteered to serve as Chairs or on the Committees Listed below: Fran Pollard was not present but informed President Kehoe that she would like to serve on the Legislative and Program Committees.

Dennis Paull volunteered to Chair the Membership Committee, with a sharper focus on Retention and Recruitment. He will be responsible to provide the CDC with the Voter List. As Collection of dues and maintaining the Membership Roster is a function of the Treasurer, Kathryn Slater-Carter to serve as a volunteer on this committee. Cid will help with recruitment and Member Check-in at events.

Kathy Klein volunteered to Chair the Program Committee. Members wishing to serve on her committee are: Cid Young, Fran Pollard, Barbara Dye and Harvey Rarback. Dates, Topics and Venues are of Key Importance.

Kathryn Slater Carter, as Treasurer, volunteered to serve as Chair of the Finance Committee. Members of her Committee are Bill Kehoe, & possibly Dennis Paull.

Barbara Dye volunteered to Chair the Publicity and Media Committees. Members wishing to serve on her committee are: Bill Kehoe, Dan Haggerty, Dennis Paull  and Harvey Rarback.

Harvey Rarback volunteered to Chair the Legislative Committee with Kathryn Slater-Carter and Fran Pollard as a volunteers on the Committee.

Doreen Gerrity volunteered to Chair the Volunteer Activities Committee with an Emphasis on outreach & involvement of Young Democrats, and letting the public and other agencies or organizations  know what we are doing, as a club.

Dan Haggerty volunteered to Chair the Voter Registration drives at Pumpkin Festivals and Farmers Markets.

The President is an ad hoc member of each committee so should be apprised of when meetings shall be held so they can choose to attend.



  1. Prepare for Next Membership Meeting – The next Quarterly General Membership Meeting needs to be planned. Cid had expressed an interest in a highly topical subject of Drought – Including Speakers and handouts on Water Saving measures, etc. This should be marketed to the entire Coastside and a well publicized event. Membership Chair to call a Program Committee Meeting to discuss possible topics for the year and set a date to hold next event.
  2. Monthly(?) newsletter
    1. Next General Membership meeting Announcement
    2. Pending legislation
  3. Open commentsall    Dennis thought we needed a Parliamentarian but did not want to serve as such. Kathryn suggested that Committee Chairs let all Board Members know when and where a meeting would be taking place so others may attend, if interested. Dan thought we should all bring guests to the Quarterly General Membership Meetings. Dennis said that General Meetings are open to the Public, but Board Meetings are for Board Members and Democrats. Harvey suggested the Brother of Howard Dean will be in the area speaking and we might want to promote a group of general members to attend. Cid reiterated that Chairs of Committees need minutes of the meetings, for purposes of Accountability. Chairs of Committees shall produce written reports to the Board of their meeting outcomes and future plans, with action plans stating how they shall achieve said goals.
  4. Next Board meeting time and place? Our next meeting will be held in Half Moon Bay at the Zaballa House Conference room, if available. On August 2nd at 10:00AM
  5. The meeting was Adjourned at 11:33 AM