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Board Meeting Minutes, April 12, 2015

Meeting Minutes

Coastside Democrats Board Meeting

April 12, 2015



Present at meeting:

Board Officers: Harvey Rarback, Kathryn Slater-Carter, Bill Kehoe, Doreen Gerrity

At Large Members: Cid Young, Dan Haggerty, Dennis Paull, Fran Pollard

Members: Frank Gerrity

New Member: Kathy Klein of El Granada



Agenda Items and Actions Taken:


Discussion prior to agenda items:

  • Everyone welcomed new member Kathy Klein.


  1. Approval of the Agenda
    1. Kathryn made a motion to approve the agenda
      1. Cid seconded the motion
      2. Motion passed 8-0


  1. Approval of March 22, 2015 meeting’s minutes
    1. Kathryn made a motion to approve the minutes
      1. Bill seconded the motion
      2. Motion passed 8-0


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Bill
    1. Bill made one correction and will send a new report out.
    2. Dennis made a motion to approve the corrected treasurer’s report
      1. Kathryn seconded it
      2. Motion passed 8-0


  1. Web Committee Report – Dennis and Bill
    1. Discussed the website:
      1. Kathryn suggested add community links for information, such as:
        1. MCC
      2. Bill stated that there a dozen pressing problems, such as:
        1. Links not working
        2. Board members information is wrong
  • Bill asked: “Who is going to maintain the website?”


  1. Bylaws Committee Report – Harvey
    1. Harvey added changes that Cid had previously made and the Board agreed to those changes.
    2. Doreen suggested a change to Article III (Membership). The Board agreed to the change.
    3. Bill suggested a change to Article X (Committees). The Board agreed to the change.
    4. Kathryn suggested that the club have “Standing Rules” to accommodate the details of the bylaws because every detail, contingency and potential situation should not be in the bylaws.


  1. Nominating Committee Report – Harvey
    1. Harvey has not been able to make contact with Ric Lohman so the assumption is that no new names have been added to the slate of candidates.
    2. Harvey showed the list of candidates
      1. Mike Ferreira’s and Rick Hernandez’s names were removed as At-Large candidates
      2. Kathy Klein and Barbara Dye names were added as an At-Large candidate
    3. Kathryn suggested that we add the slate of candidates to the website


  1. General Membership Meeting of March 22nd “Post Mortem” Review – All
    1. Cost of the Event:
      1. Dennis felt that we spent a lot of money with only a few members attending.
      2. Kathryn agreed with Dennis
  • Cid suggested that, instead of buying snacks, we do a pot luck
  1. Kathy Klein suggested that we put a donation box at the door and suggest a $5 donation to cover the cost of the event
    1. She also suggested that students and seniors over 65 be free
  2. Check-in Desk:
    1. Cid suggested that there be a cash box at the check-in desk
  3. Event Coordination:
    1. There was some confusion on who was bringing what food and supplies.
      1. Kathy Klein has coordinated many events at her previous club and she has many supplies such as coffeepots and tablecloths. For these reasons, she volunteered to be our Events Coordinator. THANKS, KATHY!!
        1. Doreen volunteered to assist Kathy.
      2. Public Address System:
        1. Dan suggested that we bring a small PA system
      3. Bill and Cid suggested that all committees present reports at general membership meetings.


  1. AFOG Update – Doreen
    1. Doreen announced an AFOG meeting on April 13 to discuss current issues


  1. Connect the Coastside Update – Dan
    1. Connect the Coastside is a project that will produce comprehensive transportation management plan (CTMP)
    2. April 15, 2015 Cypress Meadows at 6:30pm
      1. Highway 1 congestion safety improvement project deadline for public comment is April 15, 2015
      2. Cid made a motion to send out a mail chimp message reminder to all Coastside Democratic Club Members about the April 15th deadline for public input. Bill suggested no – only Democratic Club info should go out on the Mail Chimp messages
        1. Dan Seconded the motion
        2. Motion failed 4 -3 with one abstention
          1. Yes: Fran, Dan, Cid
          2. No: Bill, Dennis, Doreen, Harvey
          3. Abstain: Kathryn


  1. Prepare for May Membership Meeting
    1. Ralph Miller, Progressive Caucus
      1. Ralph said he is available: May 17th or May 24th
      2. Kathy Klein knows Ralph, she will reach out to him to confirm date
  • Discussion about the format of the program
    1. Ralph could discuss the progressive delegates for 15-20 minutes
    2. Question and Answer (Q&A) for 15 minutes
  1. Date, Time and Venue
    1. May 17th or May 24th
    2. Cid made a motion to host meeting at Meza Luna
  • Doreen Seconded it
  1. Motion passed: Unanimous
  1. State of the club report
    1. Harvey will present the state of the club
  2. Voting for new Board
    1. Harvey will coordinate the vote for the new Board
  3. Voting for Bylaws amendments
    1. Harvey will coordinate the vote for the Bylaws amendments
  4. Resolution in support of AB700 (Disclose ACT) – Nancy Neff
    1. AB700 would require ads to disclose funders of ballot measures
  5. Cid proposed to discuss other club ideas
    1. Drought and water conservation


  1. Monthly Newsletter for April – Harvey
    1. May Membership Meeting
    2. Nominating Committee recommendations
    3. Bylaws Committee recommendations
    4. HMB General Plan Update
    5. AB700 (Disclose Act)
    6. Updated Web site reminder


  1. Open Comments
    1. Kathryn suggested making the approval of Agenda, Minutes and the Treasurer’s report a consent item in the agenda


  1. Next Board Meeting is May 3, 2015 in Moss Beach at 10:00am


  1. Meeting adjourned