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Board Meeting Minutes, Feb 22, 2015

Meeting Minutes

Coastside Democrats Board Meeting

February 22, 2015


Present at meeting:

Board Officers: Harvey Rarback, Kathryn Slater-Carter, Bill Kehoe, Doreen Gerrity

At Large Members: Dan Haggerty, Dennis Paull, Fran Pollard

Members: Frank Gerrity

New Member: Barbara Dye (joined February 22, 2015)

Guest: Gus Peterson



Agenda Items and Actions Taken:


Discussion prior to agenda items:

  • Everyone welcomed new member Barbara Dye and guest Gus Peterson. We then went around the table introducing ourselves.


  1. Approval of December 2014 and January 2015 Minutes and February 2015 Agenda
    1. Dennis made a motion to approve February 22, 2015 agenda
      1. Kathryn seconded it
      2. Motion passed 7-0
    2. Bill made a motion to approve December 2014 and January 2015 minutes
      1. Kathryn seconded it
      2. Motion passed 7-0
    3. Discussion whether or not to publish minutes on club website.
      1. Kathryn made a motion to publish minutes on club website
      2. Dennis seconded it
  • Board voted 6-1 to publish minutes on club website
    1. In favor: Harvey, Katheryn, Bill, Doreen, Dennis and Fran
    2. Opposed: Dan


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Bill
    1. A question arose as to whether or not we have to file income taxes because our account has reached $1,000. Bill will contact the County Democratic Club to ask.
    2. Dennis made a motion to approve the treasure’s report
      1. Katheryn seconded it
      2. Motion passed 7-0


  1. Web Committee Report – Dennis
    1. Discussed the website. New website is
    2. Bill will send to members for review


  1. Bylaws Committee Report – Bill
    1. The Board reviewed and discussed the changes that the Bylaws Committee had suggested and made some new suggestions. The bylaw amendments must be reported by 4/17/15 to club membership. Kathryn suggested that the changes be sent to the membership now for their suggestions and then the board will approve.


  1. GPAC (General Plan Advisory Committee) Update – Rick
    1. Tabled as Rick was not present


  1. Environmental project update – Harvey
    1. Discussed Big Wave
    2. Discussed the approval of skate park and gymnasium in Half Moon Bay


  1. CFOG Update – Doreen
    1. CFOG will be independent of the Coastside Democrats Club


  1. Prepare for May Membership Meeting
    1. Nominating Committee appointment must be appointed by March 15th and report recommendations to the Membership by March 31st
      1. Kathryn contact Rick Lohman to be on the nominating committee
        1. Rick agreed
      2. Board agreed to find two more nominating committee members
        1. Harvey agreed to contact Cid
      3. Bylaws amendments must be reported by April 17th
        1. See item #4 for details
      4. Are new members paying dues before May paid through the year?
        1. Discussion on membership payment schedule
          1. Kathryn made a motion if a member has paid for their membership starting February 2, 2015 then their membership will be paid through May 1, 2016
            1. Dan seconded it
            2. Motion passed 7-0


  1. Program Committee – Harvey, Dennis, Fran
    1. March Membership Meeting – Panel on the state of our parks (trying to privatize our parks)
      1. Harvey asked multiple people
        1. Jerry Hill said maybe – he will let us know
        2. Other local people are checking their schedules
      2. Discussion of different venues to host meeting
        1. Kathryn will check with the Yacht Club after she gets some dates
          1. Cost of Yacht Club is $300.00 for members
        2. Gus suggested to contact Parks Forward
      3. May Membership Topics
        1. Discussion – need speaker, no action taken


  1. Monthly newsletter topics
    1. Updated web site
      1. Discussion – no action taken
    2. Tabling and MoveOn meeting for Run Warren Run?
      1. Discussion to put information on the newletter for news updates but does not need Board approval
    3. Upcoming Meetings
      1. No discussion


  1. Meeting adjourned


  1. Next Meeting is March 8th at 11:00 am at Seaton Moss Beach.