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Board Meeting Minutes, January 14, 2018

Meeting Minutes

Monday, January 14, 2018 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Granada Community Services District (GCSD) offices, 504 Avenue Alhambra, Third Floor, El Granada, CA 94018

Open Comments – Members can comment on items not on the Agenda (Should be relevant to Democratic Club business)

Discussion of attendees to meetings who are not members.


Consent Agenda – Move Approval Gerrity/Slater-Carter, unanimous

Approval of Agenda

Approval of minutes from October 2, 2017 meeting.

Approval of Treasurer’s reports October/November/December 2017 & January 2018

Approval of moving Jenny Skoble (1-6-18) and David & Susan Donahue (1-11-18) dues to 2018-19yr.


Regular Agenda

Old Business

AD Delegates List for 2018 – Kehoe (5 min). Vote to reaffirm the Board’s list of names for 2018 California Democratic Party Pre-Endorsement Convention which was voted on by email in October. Motion to affirm Slater-C /Gerrity. Unanimous.

New Business

  • Affiliation with CA Democratic Council – Kehoe (15 min). Discussion of pros and cons; the group is reactivating. Motion Kehoe/Fisher to reaffiliate and give them the Board’s email addresses. Unanimous.
  • Board Conduct Review – Kehoe (20 min). Concerns about making sure attendees to events are welcomed. Suggestion – nametags saying “Board member”. We all need to work to welcome new people. We also need to behave well when we are out in public and watch social media exposure.
  • Review Expenditure Process and Details – Gerrity/Fisher (20 min). Gerrity: we should have automatic approval of regular costs for membership meetings. Motion to authorize expenditures not to exceed $150 per general membership meeting for regular expenditures. Opposed by Kehoe (withdrawn).
  • Fisher: Would like to see dues raised. Discussion: if we had more revenue, we could have additional large meetings with outstanding speakers. There are different ways to go about it – pass the hat at meetings, raise dues, etc. Kehoe: there are issues with raising dues and he is opposed. Discussion tabled to next meeting.
  • Logo and Flyer – Dye. Review of logo, membership flyer. Revisions were suggested. Agreement that it would be good to print 100.
  • Event Speakers – Gerrity asked what Level (state, county, local) of candidate speakers to have at our events. Consensus that we should invite all candidates but focus our energies on local candidates.
  • May Annual Meeting – Kehoe. What board members are planning to run for re-election? Dye, Klein, Kehoe, and Gerrity all expressed interest in leaving the board.


Committee Reports (15 min)

  1. Finance – Meg Fried
  2. Membership – Meg Fried
  3. Program – Kathy Klein & Doreen Gerrity
  4. Bylaws – Bill Kehoe
  5. Endorsement and Elections Committee – Kathryn Slater-Carter
  6. Legislation – Kathryn Slater-Carter
  7. Publicity & Media Committee – Barbara Dye
  8. Voter Registration – Kathy Klein
  9. SMC DCC Report – Brigid O’Farrell
  10. Lightning Round – All Upcoming items for future agenda or Club action (5 min)


Next Board meeting time and place: February 5, 2018, at GCSD at 7 PM