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Minutes CD Board Meeting

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Called to order 3:34 pm by President Kehoe. Present: Brennan, Dye, Fried, Gerrity, Haggerty, Klein, Pollard, Rarback, Young        Absent: Slater-Carter


Kehoe welcomed attendees and explained ballot options. April Vargas has agreed to moderate the meeting.

Vargas explained the process for nominating from the floor and opened for nominations.

Dennis Paull nominated Sabrina Brennan for an at-large position. Ann Sklute and Dayla Soul seconded.

Dayla Soul nominated James Lee. Seconded Ann Sklute and Aimee Luthringer.

Vargas closed the nominations. Candidates gave 1-minute speeches. Brennan spoke for Turner; Young spoke for Slater-Carter.

Vargas explained the process for speaking for and against bylaws changes. Each bylaw change will have 5 minutes pro and then 5 minutes con..

Doreen Gerrity, Kathy Klein, and Bill Kehoe spoke in favor of Bylaw Amendment 1.

James Lee Han and Sabrina Brennan spoke against Bylaw Amendment 1.

Sabrina Brennan and James Lee Han spoke in favor of Bylaw Amendment 2

Barbara Dye, Barbara Lohman, Pam Fisher and Bill Kehoe spoke against Bylaw Amendment 2.

Vargas called for the vote. The ballots were collected.

Kehoe introduced the speaker. Joe Cotchett. Joe Cotchett spoke to the many issues faced by the Democratic Party both locally and nationally. He also addressed the challenges faced inside the Democratic party and emphasized the need for Democrats to not forget their base by focusing on the liberal, urban coastal regions. Prominent in his talk was the corruption of both parties by BIG money interest.   Mr. Cotchett also donated a box of his latest book, “The People vs Greed” to the Club which will share the collected donations with Coastside Hope. His speech was excellent and we thanked him for coming. A donation will be made to Coastside Hope in lieu of a speaker gift.

The official tally of the vote on the bylaws was announced by President Kehoe. The results were as follows:


Accept                              Reject                               No Mark    Percentage


Bylaw 1                            43                                      12                                                    0                          78%

Bylaw 2                            13                                      39                                                    1                          25%

President Kehoe presented his Annual Report. Treasurer Fried presented the Treasurer’s Report. Highlights; Membership in the Club has grown to over 120 members and our financials are sound.

Elected officials:

Don Horsley – Joe Cotchett has helped local agencies recover funds that have really helped their budgets. Most significant issues for the Counties: traffic, congestion, climate change. The county is working on climate change issues, trying to represent their residents. The County is talking about purchasing an easement for $1M to Martin’s Beach; and purchasing Tunitas Beach. It’s spectacular.

Dr. Penrose – If we are talking about increasing membership, we should look at our Latino population. We need to reach out.

Rick Bonilla, City Council San Mateo – Pleased to see a good strong Democratic organization, loves the Coastside.

Sabrina Brennan – Ed Larenus was here and said there will be a water quality workshop meeting at 6 pm today at HMB Yacht Club today.

Debbie Ruddock: HMB Council would welcome speakers from the Club at their meetings, to address local issues.

Harvey Rarback – Was upset about federal election result. The solution to anxiety is not to fuss, but to be active and try to turn things around. Swing Left is a good organization.

Brigid O’Farrell was at the Convention. There were a number of Coastside people there. There were lots of candidates, 17 resolutions (three debated on the floor). The Party elected a new leader, and after a contentious campaign, Eric Bauman defeated Kimberly Ellis by 61 votes out of several thousand cast. There will be a recount. She will send the links so the information can be posted on the Club website and FB page. There were many new and younger people at the Convention.

Leonard Woren – The Granada Community Service District has a vacancy because Ric Lohman moved. They are accepting applications, due on the 30th.

Kehoe thanked April Vargas for her help in facilitating the meeting.

Kehoe thanked the teller committee: Ric Lohman, Barbara Lohman, Michelle Boyd, and Scott Boyd.

The official tally of the vote on the 7 member board was announced by President Kehoe. The results were as follows:

Kehoe                President          48

Gerrity               Vice Pres           49

Fried                   Treasurer          49

Dye                     Secretary          49

Slater-Carter    At Large             37

Klein                   At Large             40

Fisher                 At Large             38

Haggerty           At Large             6

Turner                At Large             7

Brennan            At Large             7

Han                    At Large             9


The 2017 Coastside Democrats Meeting was called to a close by President Kehoe at 5:45 PM.