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Board Meeting Minutes, April 3, 2017


Monday,  April 3, 2017  7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Granada Community Services District (GCSD) offices, 504 Avenue Alhambra, Third Floor, El Granada, CA 94018

Present: Kehoe, Brennan, Haggerty, Fried, Pollard, Klein, Gerrity, Slater-Carter, Young

Absent: Dye, Rarback

Open Comments –

  • Haggerty missed more than allowed number of meetings to miss. Unresolved if he is a current board member or not.
  • Brennan announced she is recording meeting. Objections raised.  Meeting continued
  • Several comments on good turn out for Jackie Speier meeting. Kehoe, Pollard, Klein and Slater-Carter represented Coast Dems.
  • Haggerty: Reducing size of board is exclusionary and not inclusionary. More voices, more choices.


Consent Agenda Slater-Carter/Pollard-Unanimous w/ Brennan, Haggerty and Young abstaining

Approval of Agenda

Approval of minutes from March 6, 2017 meeting

Approval of Treasurer’s reports March 2017: Wells Fargo : $735.09 + Pay Pal $368.73

Regular Agenda

Old Business

Return of monthly happy hour. Program Committee Fried, Gerrity, Young  Fried will check with Distillery which is the best night for us Distillery.  Will report to board via e-mail.

New Business

Renewal of Coastside Dem’s Domain name. Kehoe gave report. Young made a motion to approve renewal for 2 years for $85.00  Second by Brennan  approved, unanimous

Nomination Process Status for 2017-18

Board Nomination committee is Pollard, Rarback and Young with Rick Lohman advising.  Nominations have started – each nominee needs 3 nominations.  Ad hoc form to streamline process created by committee.  Discussion of edits needed and process to distribute this form.  Needed:  Club Title, contact e-mail, add deadline of noon 4/14/17.  Office desired must be noted.

May 21, 2017 Annual meeting Confirmed for 5/21/17  Senior Center, HMB. Date set by speaker.  Board members must be present from 2:30 to 5:30.  Room MUST be vacated by Dem by 5:30  Agenda, ballots to be distributed at start of meeting, members must be present to receive ballot and to vote.  Bill will check with speaker and senior center to see if meeting can be set back one hour.

Ballot will have 2 items: change of by laws to reduce board from 11 members to 7 then candidate list of nominated board members with officers and at large members.  If bylaws change is chosen, then top 3 at large candidates will be chosen.

Reaffirm Bylaw Change:   Discussion on changing bylaws.  Dissent from Brennan and Haggerty.  Support from Kehoe, Slater-Carter, Young, Fried, Klein, Gerrity, and Pollard.

Clarification of Task Force v Committee: Defined in bylaws

Committee Reports (10 min)

Finance – nothing to report

Membership – nothing to report

Program Will confirm 5/21/17 time and supplies needed  $150.00. to spend on wine, $200.00 for food.  Expect potluck.  May ask members to bring food or wine. Possible future speakers:  Sandra Fluke, Gerry Field

Endorsement and Elections Committee –Nothing to report

Legislation – nothing to report

Publicity & Media Committee – nothing to report

Voter Registration nothing to report

SMC DCC Report – Jackie Speier to target Republicans, DCC strategic plan, April 29,2017; State convention May 19-21, 2017

Next Board meeting time and place: May 1, 2017, GCSD 7 PM