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Board Meeting Minutes, Dec 7, 2014

Meeting Minutes

Coastside Democrats Board Meeting

December 7, 2014



Present at meeting:

Board Officers: Harvey Rarback, Bill Kehoe, Kathryn Slater-Carter, Doreen Gerrity

At Large Members: Dennis Paull, Dan Haggerty, Rick Hernandez

Guests: Frank Gerrity



Agenda Items and Actions Taken:


  1. Harvey made a motion to add an item to the agenda. His motion was to suggest the inclusion of the two new City Council members to our Board Members mailing list. Board approved the additional agenda item for discussion. After discussion, Dennis made a motion to restrict the mailing list to the Board Members only. Dan seconded the motion. Board voted yes to restrict the mailing list to the Board Members only.
  2. Affiliating with CDC and paying for our domain
    1. Dennis spoke and said CDC will pay for our website, a banner and a table for voter registration. CDC only needs Officers and the Newsletter Editor email, phone numbers
    2. Kathryn motioned to approve , Dan seconded, vote taken, item passed
  3. Appointing a Vice President
    1. Bill nominated Kathryn, Dennis seconded, vote taken. Kathryn was elected as the new Vice President
  4. GPAC – prepare for the December 9th planning commission meeting
    1. Rick will draft ideas and email the board on how the club can assist him
    2. Rick has submitted a petition with 3,200+ signatures
  5. Brief reminder of committees with chair and deliverable schedule
    1. Discussion and it was decided we need action not just talk
    2. Harvey would like a report from each committee at the next board meeting
    3. Dennis explained the bylaws state that, as President, Harvey is by default a member of each committee and will receive all emails
  6. Bylaws committee
    1. Members: Cid, Dennis, Bill, Harvey and Kathryn
    2. Bylaws committee need to meet and get consistency
  7. Membership committee
    1. Members: Dan, Bill, Mike and Doreen (Dennis removed himself)
  8. Program Committee
    1. Members: Harvey, Dennis and Fran (recruit Pam)
    2. Harvey asked if good idea to have scheduled meetings for example the 1st and 3rd Board discussed no vote taken
  9. Publicity committee
    1. Dan, Debbie, Kathryn and Frank
  10. Media outreach
    1. Members: Rick, Hillary, Dennis, Harvey and Bill
    2. Discussion if Sabrina should brand the website
    3. Bill we need to clean up website, put current info up, put treasurer’s report, have facebook, maybe twitter
    4. Bill work on Nation Building, Dennis work on Word Press
  11. Next meeting agenda items were suggested
    1. Dennis suggested to allow Board Members to vote by email
      1. Dan, Bill, Kathryn, Doreen all against
      2. Kathryn – informal discussion on email okay
  • Dan – can always have emergency conference calls
  1. Kathryn suggested discussing activist relationships (AFOG, Sierra Club, Friends of the Coastal Trail, etc), finance and legislature/lobbying
  2. Rick suggested adding orderly events, future events
  1. Next Board Meeting (note new time)
    1. Sunday, January 11, 2015 11:00 am, Half Moon Bay
  2. Meeting Adjourned