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Board Meeting Minutes, Jan 18, 2015

Meeting Minutes

Coastside Democrats Board Meeting

January 18, 2015



Present at meeting:

Board Officers: Harvey Rarback, Bill Kehoe, Doreen Gerrity

At Large Members: Dennis Paull, Dan Haggerty, Fran Pollard

Club Members: Deborah Ruddock, Frank Gerrity



Agenda Items and Actions Taken:


Public Discussion: Need to find a host to have a house party for Elizabeth Warren for President organized by Party needs to be hosted on January 31, 2015 or February 1, 2015.


  1. Affiliating with CDC and paying for our domain
    1. We are affiliated with CDC
    2. Motion made by Harvey to write Ken Myers or Deborah Lagutais to transfer domain names to club.
      1. Bill seconded
      2. Motion passed 6-0
  • In Favor: Harvey, Bill, Doreen, Dennis, Dan, Fran


  1. HMB GPAC – prepare for January 20th City Council Workshop
    1. Discussion about the Planning Commission’s approval of CUSD’s and Boys and Girls Club gymnasium
    2. Harvey made a motion that he would make a public comment at the January 20, 2015 City Council Meeting representing the Coastside Democrats Board and expressing the Board Members’ displeasure and concern that the Planning Commission approved CUSD’s self-exemption from the CEQA process for the new 18,000 square foot, 1,100 seat gymnasium at the corner of Kelly and Church Streets with no traffic mitigation.
      1. Doreen seconded motion
      2. Motion passed 4-1 with 1 abstention
        1. In Favor: Dennis, Dan, Harvey, Doreen
        2. Opposed: Bill
        3. Abstain: Fran


  1. Big Wave decision – response to Coastal Commission – decision was made to table discussion on whether or not the Board should submit a letter
    1. Planning Commission passed 4 to 1
    2. FAA has threaten to not fund airport
    3. LCP, Sierra Club, MCC, Surfriders, Green Foothills have submitted letters against


  1. Consider donation to the Ulloms to help them pay for their Citizen TV broadcasts
    1. Harvey made a motion for Club to donate $100.00 to Citizen TV with a statement of appreciation for filming of the board meetings. Bill will make the payment
      1. Bill Seconded motion
      2. Motion Passed 5-0 with 1 abstention
        1. In Favor: Harvey, Bill, Doreen, Fran, Dennis
        2. Opposed: 0
        3. Abstain: Dan


  1. Consider affiliation with CFOG – had discussion
    1. This item tabled until a future meeting.


  1. Bylaws Committee (Bill, Cid, Dennis, Harvey)
    1. Committee did not meet. Some discussion, no action taken.


  1. Membership Committee (Bill, Dan, Mike, Doreen, Pam, Kathryn, Cid)
    1. Committee met on January 16, 2015 – gave update on meeting


  1. Program Committee (Dennis, Harvey, Fran)
    1. Harvey will start contacting potential speakers. Potential venues: Cypress Inn, Senior Center. Potential Days 2/21/15, 2/22/15, 2/28/15, 2/29/15 but ultimately leave it up to the guest speaker


  1. Publicity Committee (Kathryn, Dan, Debbie)
    1. Committee did not meet but Dan gave a brief report. No action taken.


  1. Media Outreach (Rick, Hillary, Dennis, Harvey, Bill)
    1. Committee did not meet. Some discussion. No action taken.


  1. Meeting Adjourned