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Our Purpose

We are a progressive, grassroots Democratic club serving the beautiful coastal areas on the west coast of San Mateo County.

This club is chartered by the San Mateo County Democratic Party (web site).

This club is also affiliated with the California Democratic Council (web site).

The purposes of this club are to support the candidates of the Democratic Party and to support the principles of:

  • Honest and transparent government and elections
  • Equal and inclusive opportunity and justice for all Americans
  • Government benefiting all citizens, not just the wealthy
  • Full respect for our natural environment and international treaties
  • Public health and education, women’s rights and the welfare of seniors
  • Outreach to youth and all ethnic communities

Voting membership in the Club is open to all registered Democrats who live or work along the San Mateo County coast. Membership may not be limited due to race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, ethnic identity, physical ability, sexual orientation or economic status. Those individuals not eligible for membership are welcome to become Friends of Coastside Democrats.

We hold public meetings, register voters, make endorsements and seek to educate the public and ourselves on a wide variety of important public issues, Local, State, National and Global. We hold our own events and co-sponsor events with other clubs.

If this interests you, please join with us.

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