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Board Meeting Minutes, May 5. 2017

Minutes CD Board Meeting
Friday, May 5. 2017
Called to order 7:06 pm by President Kehoe. Present: Brennan, Dye, Fried, Gerrity, Haggerty, Pollard, Rarback, Slater-Carter, Young Absent: Klein

Public comment:

Young: Barbra Mathewson is at the meeting. They have been attending training provided by the Committee for Green Foothills, It was excellent and she recommends that others attend in future.

James Lee: The Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment for San Mateo County is open for comments until May 15. Those interested should visit the website:

Haggerty: Requested that the Board add an emergency item to agenda: to request Board to endorse SB 562.

Slater-Carter/Fried moved: that the board add SB562 to the board meeting agenda.

Brennan: requested an amendment to the motion stating that that the bill should be referred to the annual meeting for a vote of the membership if it is endorsed by the Board. Discussion consensus that recommendation re the Annual Meeting agenda should be discussed when item comes up on agenda, not during audience comments. Request for amendment of motion not accepted by the motion maker.

Vote on motion to add SB562 to agenda: YES – Brennan, Dye, Fried, Gerrity, Haggerty, Kehoe, Pollard, Rarback; NO – Slater-Carter.

Brennan: The draft EIR for Plan Bay Area is open for public comment. There are significant problems with amount of development proposed given water available. Comments must be submitted immediately.

Brennan: Stated “I am making a recording of this board meeting. This is a public agency and I have the right to record the meeting.”

Kehoe: This is not a public agency. He checked with DCCC regarding Democratic Party requirements. What we discuss in a board meeting is not public. All members of the board except Brennan and Haggerty refused permission to make a recording.

Kehoe: We set up this meeting to determine the agenda for general meeting. If we are not going to address the agenda, I recommend that we adjourn the meeting.

There was general discussion of the goals of the board meeting and consensus that there was not time for a long discussion of policy regarding recording the meeting.

Brennan: GCSD says that all meetings held in this building must be open to the public. There was further discussion with board members stating that they would not stay if the meeting were being recorded. Kehoe: I will check the requirements of GCSD.

Brennan: If “that’s what it takes to make everything happy,” I will turn off the recording. She turned off the recording.

General Agenda

May 2017 Annual Meeting – Kehoe: Agreement on Agenda for Annual Meeting

Rarback: Senior Center agreed to 2:45-6 for timing. Board agreed to approve additional $50 for additional time in the Center for the meeting.

Kehoe welcomed April Vargas who has agreed to moderate the Annual Meeting. He explained the proposed agenda below

Agenda for Annual Meeting
Sunday, May 21, 2017 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

3:30 PM – 4:00 PM Check-in and Social
4:00 PM – 4:05 PM Welcome – President Kehoe
4:05 PM – 4:20 PM Ballot Review, Floor Nominations, & Candidate Introductions
4:20 PM – 4:45 PM Bylaw Discussion, & Bylaw Ballot Collection
4:45 PM – 5:30 PM Joe Cotchett, Guest Speaker with Q&A
5:30 PM – 5:35 PM Bylaw Voting Results – Tallying Committee
5:35 PM – 5:40 PM Board Ballot Review and Collection
5:45 PM – 5:50 PM Annual Report – President Kehoe
5:50 PM – 5:55 PM Annual Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Fried
5:55 PM – 6:00 PM Brief Comments from Elected Officials
6:00 PM – 6:05 PM Board Voting Results – Tallying Committee
6:05 PM – 6:10 PM Closing
April: Thinks it might be better to plan another, more social meeting later with speaker, asking speaker to reschedule. Based on newer developments, the type of meeting needs to be changed.
Young: Speaker has been scheduled and advertised. Recommends tabling second bylaws amendment.
Haggerty: I agree a bit with Vargas. Agenda is tight. Can we constrain the speaker’s time? He does not agree with postponing the second bylaws.
Pollard: People will be coming to hear the speaker. The second proposed bylaws changes are complicated and will be difficult to review during the meeting. The second bylaws were submitted too late.
Rarback: We should show civility to the speaker. The second bylaws are so voluminous and have not been reviewed. If the proposer could withdraw the second proposed bylaws amendment until the subsequent meeting, that would allow a successful annual meeting.
James Lee (from the audience, for this and all additional comments): It is insulting that members of the public or club members are not interested in the makeup of the club. I am the only one in this room who is not white and under 45. If you want this body to represent the community, you should be discussing bylaws at that meeting. Your entire membership should look at this.
Brennan: I appreciate James’ comments. Kehoe did send out the amendment to the membership. With regard to the revision of bylaws, we did a revision at a general meeting in 2015. It was accomplished at an annual meeting, because that is when the members are there. I appreciate that the speaker is coming but in the past we have not allowed a great deal of time for the speaker. The priority is the business of the club. The amendment is extremely relevant because it affects the election of the board.
Kehoe: Last year’s speaker was given an hour. This time an ad hoc committee proposed new bylaws after arrangements for the annual meeting had been made. The changes requested have not been reviewed by the board. People attend the annual meeting because of the speaker, the hospitality, etc. What are the expectations for the meeting?
Dye: Perhaps we should consider cancelling the speaker and having the meeting in a smaller, less expensive venue. Would it be possible to cancel the venue?
Young: No Board committee has had the opportunity to review the new proposed bylaws. The Club members are not interested in a long bylaws discussion.
Gerrity: I am not in favor of canceling the speaker. Should we extend the time for the meeting?
Haggerty: Would there be any objection to have observers of the tallying of votes?
Kehoe: I believe as long as they are not candidates.
Pollard: I recommend that we reduce the time for discussion, circulate information in advance. Write pro and con statements.
Kehoe: The board can waive the oral pro and con statements at the meeting.
James Lee: Would there still be opportunities for speeches?
Kehoe: That’s what we are discussing. Can we reduce the discussion time? How can we be fair to everyone?
James Lee: I am wholly opposed to the idea of limiting discussion for bylaws amendments. The board would have to make sure that all matters on the agenda were treated the same way.
Kehoe: That is not possible per the bylaws. People not recommended by the Nominating Committee must be nominated from the floor. There can’t be special treatment for anyone.
Rarback: A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Details of what is to be voted upon must be provided in advance. Nominations from the floor must be accommodated.
Brennan: Having people prepared in advance is a good idea. However, because she does not have the membership list, she cannot present her case in advance. Campaigning is how you communicate to voters. There was not an official committee in 2015 – the revisions were devised by her, Haggerty and Dennis.
Pollard: Statements should be provided for each proposal.
Gerrity/Young moved: That we provide pro and con statements for each proposed bylaws change to be sent to all members in good standing, and posted on the Facebook page and website.
Haggerty: strongly against limitations of discussion at the meeting.
Brennan: Agrees with Haggerty that discussion should not be limited at the meeting. Re providing advance information to members, how would that be presented? Would the proposer be able to write the materials?
General agreement that that the proposer could write the materials.
Brent Turner (from the audience): Maybe the speaker could be cut to 15 minutes.
Dye: We have advertised the speaker extensively. Club members are interested in hearing a speaker who has something interesting to say about the current political system. We just cannot fit everything everyone wants to do into the time available, and there is no budget for a second meeting.
Call the question: YES – Brennan, Dye, Fried, Gerrity, Haggerty, Kehoe, Pollard, Rarback, Slater-Carter. ABSTAIN – Haggerty.
Gerrity/Kehoe moved: At the annual meeting, on the floor, there will be no discussion of the pros and cons of various proposed bylaws changes.
Brennan: Read from bylaws regarding requirement that bylaws changes be discussed at the annual meeting.
Kehoe: The board has a right to overrule bylaws requirements.
Young: Discussion should be limited to 5 minutes.
April Vargas: Why not wait to see if it passes.
James: DCC bylaws govern if there is not a specific action spelled out in the bylaws.
Kehoe: Has serious concerns about the process. Does not want to continue if these questions cannot be resolved.
Gerrity: Withdrew motion
Slater-Carter/Haggerty moved: To approve the agenda for the General Meeting as circulated, adjusted to take into account the additional time available at the beginning of the meeting. YES – Unanimous.
Agreement that a summary of the content of the proposed bylaws changes may be provided for the ballot, maximum 200 words. Information on the bylaws changes will be sent out to the membership in advance. Candidate statements, maximum 100 words, will also be sent out. Oral candidate statements at the meeting should be really brief.
2. Nominating Committee Report – Pollard (10 min). Vote to Accept Report or not.
Pollard read list of candidates completing Nominating Committee process.
President – Bill Kehoe
Vice President – Dorren Gerrity
Treasurer – Meg Fried
Secretary – Barbara Dye
At large list: Pamela Fisher, Dan Haggerty, Kathy Klein,
Kathryn Slater-Carter, Brent Turner

James Lee: Can Brennan be added to the ballot?

Pollard: She wrote “tbd” on her application. When asked, she stated that she wanted to run for both for President and as an at-large board member. A person cannot run for two offices. She was asked to select one but failed to meet the deadline.

Young: She did not select an office. The committee reached out to her. She said two offices. It’s not fair not to comply with a process. She can be nominated from the floor.

James Lee: Board members should be careful about assuming people’s intentions.

Brennan: Assumptions have been made. I submitted my form on time in good faith. Recounted her version of events. Feels that it was not a fair process.

Young/Pollard moved: Accept the nominating committee report. YES – Dye, Fried, Gerrity, Kehoe, Pollard, Rarback, Young, Slater-Carter. NO – Haggerty, Brennan.

Rarback/Brennan moved: that the Board recommend to the membership the approval of the alternative bylaw changes proposed by Brennan and others. YES – Brennan, Haggerty. NO – Dye, Fried, Gerrity, Kehoe, Pollard, Rarback, Slater-Carter, Young.

Dye: To clarify – members of the club can request a mailing on their behalf if they are candidates because the club needs to support its members.

Brennan: a list of member names should be provided even if emails will not be shared. Members want to know who else is in the club.

Young moved: to limit access to the membership list to the President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Membership Chair. Discussion of need for copy of list. Practice has been to limit the access to President and Treasurer. Motion failed due to lack of a second.

Rarback/Fried moved: to limit access to the membership list to the President and Treasurer
YES – Dye, Fried, Gerrity, Kehoe, Pollard, Rarback, Young, Slater-Carter. NO – Haggerty, Brennan.

Healthcare for All Americans – SB 562

Haggerty. Spoke in favor of SB 562 Discussion of what action, if any, should be taken by the board after an affirmative vote. A statement could be sent to the proponents. Discussion of whether the item should be placed on the annual meeting agenda. Consensus that the agenda is already full and that support from the board would be a sufficient first step at this time.

Haggerty/Brennan moved: That the board of the Coastside Democratic Club endorses Healthy Ca SB 562. YES – Brennan, Dye, Fried, Gerrity, Haggerty, Kehoe, Pollard, Rarback, Young. ABSTAIN – Slater-Carter

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm. Next Board meeting time and place: June 5, 2017 GCSD 7 PM