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Board Meeting Minutes, March 6, 2017

Monday, March 6, 2017 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Granada Community Services District (GCSD) offices, 504 Avenue Alhambra, Third Floor, El Granada, CA 94018
Present: Kehoe, Brennan, Dye, Fried, Pollard, Klein, Rarback, Slater-Carter
Absent: Haggerty, Gerrity

1. Open Comments – Brennan: Would like the group to share information about other meetings in the area, to be discussed later.
Slater-Carter: Meeting 3/16 of MWSD at which well owners hope to pressure Water District into giving free water connections. Attendance requested.
DSCC: Discussion of treats for meeting in San Mateo

2. Consent Agenda (Approval. Slater-Carter/Pollard. Rarback, Brennan abstain. Unanimous)
a) Approval of Agenda
b) Approval of minutes from January 16, 2017 meeting
c) Approval of Treasurer’s reports February 2017

3. Regular Agenda
a) Old Business
I. Puente Outreach & Recruitment – Klein. Has attempted to reach them with no response.
II. Return of Monthly Happy Hour – Fried. Discussed later.

b) New Business
I. Reduction of CD Board Size –
 Kehoe: Wants manageable size, suggests 7 board members. Has problem getting quorum for meetings, need regular date, so the president can be focused on Club business. General Membership meeting set for May 21, at which final decision would be made.
 Dye: Sees problems with club structure right now, getting leadership.
 Brennan: Strongly opposes reducing size of board, we need to grow the club and do more outreach. There are so many people now getting engaged in politics that we have a good opportunity. People are feeling disconnected from the club. She has been going to a lot of local meetings.
 Pollard: Would like to see new board members with enthusiasm.
 Fried: We need to unite.
 Slater-Carter: Thank you to Sabrina for attending meetings. Slater-Carter he has observed that smaller boards tend to be more effective. We need to provide a way for people to get involved. A lot of people are more interested in complaining than working.
 Klein: An active club brings in members.
 Dye: Proposes a nominating committee to reach out to interested people.
 Rarback: Agrees regarding a smaller board. DFA works very well, has active task forces, has small board.
 Fried: Supports smaller board.
 Kehoe: Doesn’t think board size is related to issues raised re participation. We have several new members this month. People want regular meetings. There are disadvantages to meetings in restaurants and private meeting rooms are expensive.
 Pollard: Maybe we should have cards stating the purpose of the club. She likes the DFA task forces. They get a lot done.
 Brennan: DFA has five board members. They have seven task forces and one committee. Every task force has a different chair. She feels that the Club is proposing reducing the size of the club without any other activities. If we were proposing adding task forces at the same time as reducing the board size, she would be supporting.
 Kehoe: Discussion of existing committees. Reports don’t come from committee chairs. Things have not been getting done.
 Dye: Motion: That we recommend to the membership that the number of board members be reduced to 7, including 4 officers (President, Vice-president, Treasurer, and Secretary), and that the club set up a Membership Task Force to do outreach regarding increasing membership. In favor: Kehoe, Dye, Fried, Pollard, Slater-Carter, Rarback; Opposed: Brennan (would like to see a Co-Chair leadership structure).
 Kehoe: Discussion of mechanics. Three board members have indicated willingness to leave the board. Generally there is a nominating committee to make recommendations.
 Dye: Motion: To establish a nominating committee, chaired by Pollard, to recommend 7 board members (including officers) for election at the May General meeting, slate to be posted as provided in the bylaws. Adopted unanimously. Dye to work with Pollard on nominating committee membership.

II. 2017 – 2018 Board – Kehoe – discussed above

III. May 2017 Annual Meeting & Elections – May 21 Annual Meeting, author of Greed, excellent speaker, location tbd.

4. Committee Reports (10 min)
a) Finance – Slater-Carter to be replaced by Fried (Treasurer)
$ 70.09 in bank account; $340.20 in Paypal.

b) Membership – Meg Fried: Would appreciate help. Happy Hour is a good idea. Fried and Slater-Carter to follow up.

c) Program – Kathy Klein, Doreen Gerrity
SMC Central Committee is doing an Activist Fair; Coastside Dems will have a table. Suggests Activist Fair here in April. Later suggests having panels on political issues. ACLU would be good speaker – online training just happened. ACLU personal training would be a good event. Sandra Fluke is willing to come to speak. Organizing these types of event would be a good role for the club. Board members offered to attend program committee meeting to work on these great ideas.

d) Endorsement and Elections Committee – Sabrina Brennan: Lots going on in Pacifica. New Pacifica Progressive Alliance is working on rent control measure, request for City Council to become Sanctuary City, recruiting for City Council. Discussion of needs for local candidates.

e) Legislation – Harvey Rarback: Move to have California do single-payer medical, SB24 – Sanctuary State, Disclose Act collecting signatures to require id of backers of measures.

f) Publicity & Media Committee – Barbara Dye: Facebook and website updated.

g) Voter Registration – Kehoe suggests that the effort continue, good spot for volunteers to get involved. Discussion of ways to involve volunteers, post cards to elected officials.

h) SMC DCC Report – Sabrina Brennan: New Chair of DSCC, Cecily Harris (Club member); April working on new initiatives for Democrats. Suggests inviting April to a Board meeting. Coming up – election of Chair for State Party. Movement to get people to Sacramento to vote for Kimberly Ellis. CA State Convention May 19-21. Noticing new people at Indivisible and Resist meetings – not engaged with the Democratic Party.

5. Next Board meeting time and place: April 3, GCSD 7 PM
6. Adjourn