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Board Meeting Minutes, January 16, 2017

Minutes for CD Board Meeting
Monday, January 16, 2017 7:00 PM to 8:40 PM
Granada Community Services District (GCSD) offices, 504 Avenue Alhambra, Third Floor, El Granada, CA 94018
Attendance: Kehoe, Gerrity, Dye, Pollard, Brennan, Slater-Carter
Absent: Haggerty, Pollard, Young, Slater-Carter

1. Open Comments
Brennan – DCC election of officers to happen this week

2. Consent Agenda (approved unanimously)
a) Approval of Agenda
b) Minutes from November 14, 2016
c) Treasurer’s report November 2016

3. Regular Agenda
a) Old Business
I. Tabled Motion – Rarback. Motion: If the club has endorsed a candidate in the primary and that candidate wins, unless there is significant new information, he/she is automatically endorsed by the club. Motion to approve subject to compliance will SMCC bylaws, and ratification by the Club membership. Brennan/Fried, approved unanimously.
II. Puente Outreach & Recruitment – Klein. Proposal to invite the group to the holiday party, agreed. Further outreach encouraged.
III. Conduct & Responsibilities of Board members – We need more volunteers. Discussion of expanding membership. Need to do outreach to younger people. Committee chairs need to present plan for the future to the board. Task forces such as those used by DFA would be a good idea.
IV. December 10, Holiday Pot Luck – Klein/Gerrity (15 min). Dye to send doc with invites 4/page to all board members. All agree that Kathy and her husband are a great asset to the club. Kathy to let board members know what help will be needed.
V. 2017 Calendar – Kehoe (5 min). Discussion of the plans for the year ahead. Suggestion to have a meeting to discuss reaction to the recent election and ways that people can make a difference. We need an analysis of what happened during the past election. The county may be doing a meeting of this type. One volunteer is interested in rejoining and helping. Klein suggested Jim Dean. Training is needed. Board members are encouraged to investigate possible speakers. Consensus to have a meeting fairly early in the year.

b) New Business
I. Pumpkin Festival Voter Registration – Klein (5 min). Few registrations but information shared with attendees.
II. November Elections – All (5 min). Congratulations to local candidates who were successful.
III. Regular Board Meeting – Kehoe (5 min). Move to 1st or 3rd Monday at GCSD per direction from GCSD.
IV. County & Coastside Dem’s Endorsements – All (15 min). Motion: Approve Letter to SMC Dems incorporating appropriate edits and revisions from board members. Brennan/Gerrity approved unanimously.
V. Facebook Ads – Motion: To authorize up to $20 per month for three months on facebook advertising. Dye/Brennan. Approved unanimously.

4. Committee Reports (10 min)
a) Finance – Kathryn Slater-Carter, no report
b) Membership – Meg Fried, need committee members
c) Program – Kathy Klein, discussed above
d) Endorsement and Elections Committee – Sabrina Brennan, no report
e) Legislation – Harvey Rarback, no report
f) Publicity & Media Committee – Barbara Dye, facebook and website kept updated
g) Volunteers Activities – eliminated by general consensus
h) Voter Registration – Dan Haggerty
a) SMC DCC Report – Sabrina Brennan. There were unfortunate events and activities regarding the election, particularly with respect to endorsements. There are continuing issues with the County registrar and the SMCC. Kehoe and Brennan to meet with Vargas.

5. Lightning Round – All Upcoming items for future agenda or Club action (5 min)
6. Next Board meeting time and place: December 12, 2016 GCSD 7 PM
7. Adjourn