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Board Meeting Minutes, October 10, 2016

Minutes for CD Board Meeting
Monday, October 10, 2016 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Granada Community Services District (GCSD) offices, 504 Avenue Alhambra, Third Floor, El Granada, CA 94018 Google Map

1. Open Comments –
Dye invited everyone to an event on 10/11 for Vicki Veenker; they are looking for additional people to attend.

2. Consent Agenda (approved)
a) Approval of Agenda
b) Minutes from July 10, 2016 (Dye abstained)
c) Treasurer’s report October 2016

3. Regular Agenda
a) Old Business
I. Tabled Motion – Rarback (10 min). If the club has endorsed a candidate in the primary and that candidate wins, he/she is automatically endorsed by the club. Agreed to table the question again for further discussion at a future meeting.
II. Pumpkin Festival Registration – Discussion of scheduling of volunteers; plans for the event. Board members agreed to take shifts. Thanks expressed to Dave Cresson for allowing the club to store materials at Zabalah House and have the booth in front.
III. November Elections –Discussion of ways to organize volunteers to walk for multiple candidates. Slater-Carter will manage Montara/Moss Beach; Dye and Klein will manage El Granada. Half Moon Bay was undecided.
IV. Puente Outreach & Recruitment – Hispanic group with which the club should coordinate. Klein to Chair the effort.
V. Add SMC DCC Report to Agenda – Kehoe (5 min). Ask our DCC Rep Brennan to report. Unanimously agreed that this would be a good idea for future meetings.

b) New Business
I. Conduct & Responsibilities of Board members – All Board members must contribute to the welfare of the club. The club will not function well without active Board members. This item will be discussed further, if necessary, at a future meeting.
II. Debate Watch, Oct. 19th. Dye home
III. December Holiday Pot Luck – Dec. 10, 7 pm, Klein home
IV. 2017 Calendar – Kehoe (15 min). Standard events: holiday party, membership in May, spring and fall. Possibility of a meeting in February. Need more happy hours!! Dye and Klein to research good happy hour locations, others as well.

4. Committee Reports (10 min)
a) Finance – Kathryn Slater-Carter: new Treasurer needed; Fried volunteered.
b) Membership – Meg Fried: expenditure of funds will be needed. Would like to mail to new residents who are Democrats. Discussion of purchasing/obtaining a voter list.
c) Program – Kathy Klein
d) Endorsement and Elections Committee – Sabrina Brennan: no report
e) Legislation – Harvey Rarback: no report
f) Publicity & Media Committee – Barbara Dye: website & facebook updated
g) Volunteers Activities – Doreen Gerrity: suggests eliminating the committee; time better spend on program committee
h) Voter Registration – Dan Haggerty: no report

5. Lightning Round – no items
6. Next Board meeting time and place? November 14, 2016 GCSD El Granada
7. Adjourn