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Board Meeting Minutes June 12, 2016

Meeting Minutes
Coastside Democrats Board Meeting
June 12, 2016 (Moss Beach)

Meeting was called to order by President Bill Kehoe at 10:05am

Present at meeting: Bill Kehoe, Sabrina Brennan, Harvey Rarback, Dan Haggerty, Kathy Klein, Meg Fried, Cyd Young.

Agenda Items and Actions Taken:

1. Open Comments –
Rarback – Board members should arrive on time for meetings.
Klein – Suggests that meetings be at a home, with an hour of social before the meeting to allow time for conversation out of the meeting.
Kehoe – Moment of silence for the victims of the mass shooting. We should talk about how the club can be effective on the issue of gun control.
Dye – Welcome to Meg Fried as a board member

2. Consent Agenda – Rareback/Klein: Unanimous.

3. Regular Agenda
a. Old Business
Review of Annual Meeting
• Financials: $150 wine; Misc.: l. Food: $248; Room: $200, Location staff: $50; $126 insurance. Total: $821.92. $50 donations. New members:
• Motion to fund gifts to board members from voluntary donations from board or club members for that purpose. Klein/Dye: Unanimous.
• All board members need to participate.
• It was an excellent event. Thanks to Haggerty for getting such a great speaker.

Congratulations to Sabrina Brennan and Brigid O’Farrell for getting elected to the County Central Committee.

Event for Vicki Venkeer at Dye house good turnout, $500 raised. There was discussion of the negative mailers sent against her. Club could support disclosure of funding on those mailers; to be discussed at a future meeting.

b. New Business
• Endorsement meeting: late August. Presentation by local candidates and opportunity for people to contribute directly.
o Brennan – we should be preparing the candidate questionnaires now. She agreed to handle th¬¬¬¬¬¬e drafting of the questionnaire; Dye to send it out.
o Meeting includes speaking time for all Democrats running for local office.
o Discussion of structure of the meeting. Brennan advocated having a guest speaker. Brennan will check with Venkeer about coming, and with Liz Figueroa regarding spe¬¬¬aking at the meeting. Klein to check out possible venues. Possible dates, August 19 or 21.

• Rarback suggested that we send out a mailer with our endorsements. Brennan to check legal requirements. DCC sends out a slate mailer which is quite effective. General consensus that the club should send a mailer if funds can be raised.

• We need a plan for the fall election, to attract and involve additional volunteers.

• Motion: Rarback/Young: If the club has endorsed a candidate in the primary and that candidate wins, he/she is automatically endorsed by the club. Kehoe suggested voting on this at the next board meeting. Rarback agreed to table the motion and bring the policy back at the next board meeting.

• Committee assignments: Will remain the same except that Fried will chair Membership Committee. There will be a new committee, called Endorsement and Elections Committee, to be chaired by Sabrina Brennan.

a. Endorsement and Elections Committee – Sabrina Brennan
b. Finance – Kathryn Slater-Carter
c. Membership – Meg Fried
d. Program – Kathy Klein
e. Legislation – Harvey Rarback
f. Publicity & Media Committee – Barbara Dye
g. Volunteers Activities – Doreen Gerrity
h. Voter Registration – Dan Haggerty

• Discussion of regularly-scheduled casual event. Agreed to have a Happy Hour at the Distillery on the third Friday of the month, to start this month. Dye agreed to get publicity out asap.

• Discussion of meeting time and place: Will continue on Sunday mornings, but will move to 10:30am.

• Preparations for fall campaign: referred to Endorsements & Election Committee.

• Rechartering of club is about to take place. Kehoe to handle it.

• Rarback reported on defeat of Prop F, success of measure to support Constitutional Amendment to end Citizens United. Half Moon Bay City Council: expected candidates have indicated that they will not run. There will be two good candidates.

• Dye requested agenda item for next meeting regarding policy on website and facebook content requested revisions.
• Announcements
o Young: walk on proposed mid-Pen property today.
o Brennan: Chair of DCC was not reelected. Discussion of election results and changes in leadership, possibility to send letter.

2. Next Board meeting: May 22, 10:40am, Half Moon Bay
3. Meeting adjourned at 11:25am