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Board Meeting Minutes April 29, 2016

Meeting Minutes
Coastside Democrats Board Meeting
April 29, 2016 (El Granada)

Meeting was called to order by President Bill Kehoe at 5:15pm

Present at meeting: Bill Kehoe, Sabrina Brennan, Harvey Rarback, Dan Haggerty, Dennis Paull, Fran Pollard, Kathy Klein, Kathryn Slater-Carter; guest: Meg Fried

Agenda Items and Actions Taken:

1. Open Comments – Members can comment on items not on the Agenda (Should be relevant to Democratic Club business) (5 min)
Paull – Bernie supporters will be holding barnstorming events at Zaballah House every Tuesday; Coastside4Bernie had a booth at Dream Machines, registered voters.
Dye – Coastsiders for Hillary is meeting, several members are attending a fundraiser.
Brennan – Steyer has Facebook video/ad.

2. Consent Agenda – Pollard/Paull: Move approval of agenda, approval of minutes as amended to add name of Meg Fried as guest. Unanimous.

3. Regular Agenda
a. Old Business
Tom Steyer event –
• Dye volunteered to purchase a native plant as a gift for Steyer (authorized not to exceed $25);
• RSVP’s are coming in, membership has been notified multiple times, discussion of issues related to attendance; goal is no more than 60 people; consensus was to invite local elected officials to all public meetings. Dye to send list to Kehoe who will send invitation closer to the date of the event.
• Club will provide wine and beer, Klein to convene committee to discuss arrangements re chairs, food, etc., possibility of small stage.
• Agenda was reviewed. Social time at beginning. Then
(1) election of Board members (Paull and Rick Lohman will handle ballots)
(2) speeches by DCC candidates
(3) vote for endorsement of DCC candidates (60% of attendees must vote to endorse a candidate for the club to endorse)
(4) comments by any other candidates
(5) Vote on Measure F
• Discussion of limiting long speeches. Chair is authorized to politely ask people to get to the point; we will ask for a volunteer to be a timer (possibly April Vargas).
• Brennan suggested that we have awards for Volunteer of the Year; it was agreed to table it until the next board meeting, but that it was a good idea to implement in the future.
• Kathy reported on a high school student from Half Moon Bay who wrote a letter to the Washington Times; Haggerty will see about inviting him to the meeting.
• Yearly Club Summary for Annual Meeting – Kehoe: Reports are due by 5/6/2016; Dye and Kehoe will put together a powerpoint and handout.

b. New Business
• Event for Vicki Venkeer at Dye house; it will be a club event.
• We need a plan for the fall election, to attract and involve additional volunteers.

4. Committee Reports (10 min)
a. Finance – Kathryn Slater-Carter: no Treasurer’s Report
b. Membership – Dennis Paull : no report
c. Program – Kathy Klein: Committee is actively preparing for the Annual Meeting
d. Legislation – Harvey Rarback: no report
e. Publicity & Media Committee – Barbara Dye: The website and Facebook page have been updated.
f. Volunteers Activities – Doreen Gerrity: no report
g. Voter Registration – Dan Haggerty: no report

5. Next Board meeting: May 22, 10 am, Moss Beach
6. Meeting adjourned at 7:02 pm