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Board Meeting Minutes, January 17, 2016

Location: Zaballah House
The meeting was called to order at 10:05 AM by President Bill Kehoe
Members Present: Bill Kehoe, Harvey Rarback, Dennis Paull, Doreen Gerrity, Barbara Dye, Fran Pollard, Dan Haggerty, Sabrina Brennan.
Guest: Frank Gerrity

1. Open comments:
a. Dye reported on Clinton training

2. Consent Agenda (Move approval: Paull/Harvey; unanimous)
a. Approval of Agenda
b. Approval of minutes from October 11, 2015 meeting
c. Approval of Treasurer’s report (attached)
Approval of expenditures and acceptance of balance sheet with correction as noted.

3. Old Business
a. Fundraiser event for 2016 local candidates – Club will not hold fundraisers, but will support candidates in other ways and may assist with private fundraising efforts.
b. Club Donation to a Charity – Motion (Rareback/Gerrity; unanimous): The Club did collect food donations at the party. Consensus that the Club will not make direct financial donations but may do a food drive or provide other personal or indirect support.

4. New Business
a. Club Legal Organizational Status –
Review of organizational status shows that the Club has existed since 2005 (EIN and paperwork). The Club has been collecting dues of $1000/year and tax statements probably should have been filed. Central Committee does not file on behalf of the Club and to date has not provided any assistance. It is possible that the Club is supposed to file every year as an exempt organization, with multiple forms. Cost may be $400 either once or every year. It was agreed that it is important to resolve this matter.

(Sabrina/Pollard; unanimous): to table the issue for one month pending more information. Bill, Barbara, Kathryn, others to see if they can find out more.

b. CDP Pre Endorsement Meeting – (15 min)
Meeting on Jan. 31st in Burlingame. Ballots must be mailed in soon. Options: Assembly 22: (Mullin or pass) Assembly 24 (Berman, Chang, Kasperzak, Veenkeer); SD13: Hill; C14: Speier.

Motion (Kathryn/Paullin; unanimous) to support Mullin, Hill, Speier. Agreed that a subcommittee (Dye and Gerrity) will check with other groups such as Sierra Club, and inform the Club board by the 24th how they propose to vote.

c. SMC Democratic Central Committee Election – (15 min)
Applications must be submitted by March 11 to be on the ballot. Sabrina, Harvey, and Kathryn will apply. Applications should be picked up quickly. Representation from the Coastside is necessary to reflect issues important here, particularly issues of interest to the Club. Endorsement by the Committee is critical for local races. There was discussion of current representation and possibilities for additional candidates. Harvey would like to see a Coastside slate with some publicity. Harvey and Sabrina to follow up with possibilities.

5. Committee Reports (21 min – 3 min each)
a. Finance – Kathryn Slater-Carter:
Donation from Pumpkin Festival $152
b. Membership – Dennis Paull
Bernie Campaign has made list of supporters available. It may be possible to reach out to them. Consensus to invite them to a membership meeting. Dennis will include information on next Coastside Dems meeting in newsletter for Bernie group.
c. Program – Kathy Klein
No report. Bill says committee meeting will happen this month.
d. Legislation – Harvey Rarback
See attached report.
e. Publicity & Media Committee – Barbara Dye
Website needs new content. Newsletter will go out when we have a meeting planned.
f. Volunteers Activities – Doreen Gerrity
No activity due to the holidays. Bill and Doreen to discuss options for the future.
g. Voter Registration – Dan Haggerty
Nothing to report. Efforts will begin again soon.
6. Lightning Round – All Upcoming items for future agenda or Club action
Barbara asked about CA Democratic Convention. They will be looking for Volunteers. CC members attend.
Dan: Factory Farming coalition would like to present at a meeting. There is a benefit for Bernie in Santa Cruz on March 4.
Fran: Mountain lion may be loose in El Granada.
Dennis: Bernie campaign is active.

7. Next Board meeting Feb. 7, 11 am. Moss Beach.