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Board Meeting Minutes, November 15, 2015

Location: Seton Coastside Hospital
The meeting was called to order at 10:03 AM by President Bill Kehoe
Members Present: Bill Kehoe, Harvey Rarback, Dennis Paull, Doreen Gerrity, Barbara Dye, Kathy Klein, Fran Pollard, Dan Haggerty. Sabrina Brennan arrived 10:30.
Guest: Frank Gerrity

Open comments:
a. Paull reported on efforts to support Bernie Sanders in the area.
b. Pollard, Rareback and Dye attended the DFA meeting in San Mateo on climate change.

1. Consent Agenda (Move approval: Pollard/Paull; unanimous)
a. Approval of Agenda
b. Approval of minutes from October 11, 2015 meeting
c. Approval of Treasurer’s report (attached)
Approval of expenditures and acceptance of balance sheet with correction as noted.

2. Regular Agenda
a. New Business
i. Use of CD-Board mail alias – Kehoe
Kehoe asked that committee members not use general email to board regarding items that affect only one committee. There was discussion and the conclusion was that we hope that there will not be more last-minute cancellations. A new program committee email address will be created to allow for committee communications.

ii. Holiday Party Final Details – ALL
7-9 pm, Saturday, December 4, finger food. Volunteers to come at 3 to help with setup; Dye to let them know what will be needed. There will be a sign-in table and nametags, plus candidate information. Any elected official will be invited to speak briefly.

iii. Fundraiser event for 2016 local candidates
Last election cycle the club held a Meet the Candidates event. It was stated that the Club cannot donate directly to candidates without changing its legal status. There was discussion of whether the Club could make smaller donations (less than $1000 per year total). The FPPC has excellent materials on this topic. Pollard agreed to research the question and bring information to the next meeting.

Paull asked whether the Club would be endorsing candidates for the primary, including Central Committee representative. There was discussion of timing, etc. Endorsements of candidates must be coordinated with the Central Committee. It was suggested that every meeting in the future talk about campaigns. It was suggested that there be information about candidates at meetings. There was general discussion. This was referred to the Program Committee for further discussion. This item will be placed on the next agenda.

iv. Club Donation to a Charity
In the past there have been donations to Coastside Hope. It was agreed that people at the holiday party would be asked to make a donation to go to Coastside Hope. In the future there should be a process to review potential recipients of donations from the Club and/or membership.

3. Committee Reports (as submitted)

a. Finance – Kathryn Slater-Carter
Financial report submitted.

b. Membership – Dennis Paull
Needs information on holiday party to call people who have not renewed.

c. Program – Kathy Klein
The program committee will be meeting to plan for spring events.

d. Legislation – Harvey Rarback
Detailed report submitted in advance, included at end of minutes.
At HMB City Council meeting there will be a workshop on the Peninsula Clean Energy effort.

e. Publicity & Media Committee – Barbara Dye
The website and facebook pages have been updated. An invitation will be circulated within a few days.

f. Volunteer Activities – Doreen Gerrity
Will address possibilities in early 2016

g. Voter Registration – Dan Haggerty
Haggerty was congratulated by the Board for his efforts.
$152 was collected, mostly from items donated by Board members. How to handle candidate materials will be discussed further.

4. Lightning Round – All Upcoming items for future agenda or Club action
1. Haggerty attended the debate watch party. The Club was well represented.
2. Brennan said that there is more information available on sea level rise.
3. Next Board meeting will be January 10 at 11 am.

5. Adjourn at 10:59

Report of the Legislation Committee

Some legislative items the Board should be aware of:

– Federal
Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizen’s United takeover
Check this website for a podcast to stay informed about the situation

– State
Prop 49 would require the legislative delegation to support an amendment to
overturn Citizens United
Supreme Court hears arguments to reinstate Prop 49 on 2016 ballot. Decision
expected soon.

Property Tax Fairness Amendment (SCA-5)
Club emailed Jerry Hill to encourage his support
Bill is stuck in committee – needs 2/3 vote

GHG reporting (AB-1110) – thinly veiled attempt to stop CCA’s
Bill currently in Assembly Suspense File

California DISCLOSE Act – previously endorsed by Club – need to push for
AB700 stuck in committee
AB 10 Political Reform Act of 1974: economic interest disclosures – vetoed by
AB-990 Political Reform Act of 1974: advertisement disclosures – signed by

AB 1461 Motor Voter Law – Automatic voter registration with driver license
voter-law-automating –

– San Mateo County
The Board of Supervisors has passed the enabling resolution to create a
countywide Community Choice Energy program (Peninsula Clean Energy) to provide
a source of clean electrical energy beside buying from PG&E

Full disclosure: the members of the Legislative Committee are also on the PCE
Advisory Committee.